Pool Cleaning FAQ

Let us Answer all of your Pool Cleaning in Las Vegas Frequently Asked Questions

Is pool chlorine safe for your family? Have questions about swimming pool care? We have answers. Here is a list of common questions answered by our veteran pool care experts.

Is pool chlorine dangerous?

No. Chlorine is the most widely used disinfectant for water in the world. Chlorine treatment removes dangerous contaminants from water and makes it safe for use. The water you are drinking right now was treated with chlorine to make it safe for consumption. The most common chlorine compound is regular table salt. It is not a carcinogen. Our Las Vegas chlorine pool cleaning practices are completely safe and reliable.

How often should I clean and run my filter?

Run the filter on average 8 hours in the summer and 2 hours in the winter. On average a 4-cartridge filter needs to be cleaned every 3 months. This depends on the amount of dirty blowing into the pool. Clean the filter, check the pressure gage and once the pressure has gone up 5-10 lbs, it is time to clean.

What causes staining?

Most staining is caused by minerals (calcium carbonate) in the pool water. Over time the mineral content of pool water builds up because of the constant or daily addition of tap water to the pool. When pool water evaporates it leaves behind the minerals. A high concentration of minerals in the water causes scale to form on the tile and plaster. The best cure is to drain the pool on average every 4-5 years. The maximum cost to refill a pool is $150.

Is acid washing detrimental to the plaster surface?

YES YES YES. It is the most practical way of removing stains but acid etches the surface to clean it, making it a little rougher each time you do it.

Is a chlorine wash detrimental to the surface?

No. Chlorine does not damage pool plaster, it only kills algae. It is the best way to clean up a pool that has turned into a swamp.

Does a slightly green pool or lime green pool need to be drained?

Not usually if your pool man knows what he is doing chemically.

When do filter cartridges need to be replaced?

About 4-6 years.