About Pool Chlor of Nevada – Chemical Maintenance Experts

Pool Chlor: The first and the largest.

The same company that has been providing superior swimming pool chemical service since we perfected the process nearly six decades ago. The residential pool experts, we have thousands of happy customers throughout the Western United States, not just in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are the company that kept your parent’s and your grandparent’s pools crystal clear.

Pool Chlor is a family owned business started by the Skinner family in 1955 in Los Angeles. We provide our original swimming pool chemical care service for residential customers in Las Vegas, Tucson, Phoenix, Fresno, Oakland and Los Angeles.

Local Las Vegas Pool Maintenance Service

While the Pool Chlor name is a national brand, we’ve been Las Vegas locals for over 30 years. Manager Brett Skinner opened Pool Chlor Las Vegas in 1984. Since then it has been our privilege to keep Southern Nevadans swimming. We’ve had decades of experience dealing the challenges of Las Vegas’ legendary hard water. Trust your Las Vegas chemical pool maintenance to a local company with a proven track record in Clark County.

The Original Chemical Service

Pool Chlor started nearly 60 years ago to solve a common problem. Swimming pool owners in California had a hard time keeping the water of their pools clean and clear. Untreated water became cloudy and quickly developed unpleasant and sometimes unsafe levels of algae, bacteria, and microorganisms. Chemicals frequently used for treating pool water were often too strong for personal swimming pools and made the water harsh and damaged the interior plaster. With the cure almost as bad as the disease, it was clear people needed a safe and reliable standard chemical treatment for their swimming pools.

Fortunately for American swimmers everywhere, Pool Chlor was founded by a chemist and a chemical engineer perfectly suited to the task. They developed a unique blend of chlorine, UV protectant, and pH buffers to keep water crystal clear and enjoyable for swimming. Pool Chlor has continued this tradition of innovation for over six decades and in the process helped develop the modern standards for swimming pool chemical balance. When you choose Pool Chlor, you choose the company that started the industry.

A 60 Year Commitment to Swimming Fun

Our company was built on a commitment to keeping Las Vegas pools water clean for the safety and enjoyment of swimmers everywhere. When pool water is properly balanced and maintained, bacterial and micro-organic growth is controlled. Proper chemical service also contributes to a long life for your pool, protecting pool structure and equipment. With Pool Chlor on the job, your pool will be ready for a swim whenever you are.

We are often imitated, but never matched. Many other companies offer Las Vegas chemical maintenance services, but no one else has our decades of experience. Trust your swimming pool to the company that created residential chemical service 60 years ago. Contact Pool Chlor today for worry free pool care.